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Taufik Hidayat Badminton Camp

Exclusive Taufik Badminton Camp

Exclusive to the Richard Vaughan Badminton Academy (RVBA) the opportunity to train with Olympic Gold Medallist and World Badminton Champion Taufik Hidayat.

Taufik has clearly been one of the badminton players of the decade alongside badminton greats such as Lin Dan, Peter Gade. The badminton legend has now turned his attention to passing on some of his badminton training secrets with his own training centre in Jakarta, Indonesia. This package allows for players from around the globe to a once in a life time opportunity experience with  badminton great!

   Olympic Badminton Gold Medallist           Badminton World No1

In addition to this tremendous opportunity for foreign players, Taufik is also turning his attention to young domestic Indonesian badminton players, looking to help Indonesian Badminton nurture badminton champions for tomorrow.

Players can attend for a period of 30 days at a great price. In addition to experiencing the great Indonesian culture badminton players will be able to create their own badminton training programmes, including on court badminton regimes, and off court badminton secrets.

This offer is an exclusive arrangement between the RVBA and Taufik Hidayat, for more details please read below or contact Badminton Wales RVBA!

Taufik Hidayat Training Camp


The Training Grounds will be located at Banthong Badminton Complex, 5 minute walk from accommodation.


Weekly Training (Monday- Saturday) includes:

-          Badminton Theories

-          Badminton Tactics

-          Technical Training (games, etc)

-          Physical Training

-          Sparing Games


The Taufik Badminton coaching Team will be headed and advised by Mr. Mulyo Handoyo, with Mr. Hariawan and Mr. Anggun Nugroho as assistant coaches.


The training team are all former Indonesian National badminton team atheletes and has participated in various international badminton championships.


Doctor & First Aid


First Aid assistance will be on standby, while we have prepared a Medical Team Assistance in the nearby hospital (2 minutes from Banthong Badminton Complex).


Training Daily Activities


Full Day Training: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Half Day Training: Wednesday and Saturday

Free Activities: Sunday


Accommodation will be provided at:

Jl. H. Rain No. 5

Kopasus Complex

East Jakarta



The accommodation will be supervised by Assistant Coach, Mr. Hariawan.


   Spaces at the Taufik Hidayat Badminton Camp are limited to 4 foreign players a month!

Don't delay and get in touch with the Richard Vaughan badminton Academy for more details Today!