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Richard Vaughan News Archive - 2007

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    Richard Vaughan - Badminton Wales

    "This is my training day. Whatever training you are doing try to get into a routine. It will help a lot. I wake around 7.30am and have a large breakfast (fruit with a couple pieces of toast or some cereal) I then make a plan and work out what I want to achieve in today’s training sessions.

    On arriving at the hall I warm up by running for five minutes, footwork and stretching 15 minutes more. I then spend 15 minutes alone in the gym where I do some activation and stability work which is especially important for me after a previous hip operation when I was 18. After this I am ready to start the session with one of the guys in the squad or the sparring player, Zhu Min from China. Physically in the sessions we work hard concentrating on 2vs1 exercises, multi shuttle and 1on1 rally situations.

    Trainings are based on what we want to do in a match situation and we are aware of this mentally. We’re not just practising shots; we’re training and disciplining the mind. At the end of the session we normally spend 20-30 minutes working on technical elements e.g. net spin.

    Nearer a tournament we concentrate more on conditioned games (games with special rules that let us concentrate on something we’ve been practising). Just before lunch we do abdominal exercises and a good warm-down and stretch. After lunch we might have a little nap.

    The afternoon session might consist of weight training, or interval training on the bike or running. I try to think of hard rallies in a match when that extra push is needed. Again I will stretch before and after the session and do some abdominal work.

    I eat early in the evening and try to relax for a couple of hours with something totally unrelated to badminton.
    Later in the evening I stretch for about an hour, preparing myself for the next day. I get to sleep early. I deserve a rest and my body needs to recover".

    World 28 Richard Vaughan today lost in a tight three set match with Chinese no.2 and World silver medallist Bao Chunlai, speaking from the NIA in Birmingham, Richard commented
    "I am very happy with performance in the first set, and parts of the second where I proved I can not only compete, but beat the worlds best, unfortunately the lack of matchplay took its toll in the match when he changed his tactics.

    Richard Vaughan, one of the top players looks at the importance of basics to improve your game. Follow the advice of this specialist!

    “One of the most important elements of a player's game is always having good ‘Basics’ which they can fall back on. Basic practices to groove and improve your shots as well as perfect footwork so that sharp, fast movements become automatic.

    Its best to set a small period aside for this in everyday training. They are good exercises to make sure you're fully warmed up for more dynamic match type exercises and can have a big impact on your game in the longer term.

    Richard Vaughan’s club IMBC 92 won another French Interclub Championship last weekend with a thrilling 6-4 final victory over their Parisian rivals Racing club de France in the final.

    Vaughan just back from Jakarta where he was playing in the Indonesian Super Series, won the deciding doubles along with Vincent, beating Rice and Tchoryk convincingly 21-14- 21-10.

    World No 26 Richard Vaughan was forced to withdraw in the semi final of the Toulouse Challenger against 5/8* Petr Koukal from the Czech Rep after 72 minutes. Koukal stormed off to an 11-2 lead in the first before being dragged back by Vaughan to 17-16, but a few quick points closed the set for Koukal 21-16.
    The 2nd set was a very hard fought affair with Vaughan coming out on top 21-18 after 40 minutes.
    The third set started well with players equal at 4-4 before Koukal opened up an 11-5 lead, from which point Vaughan’s speed noticeably dropped leading to him withdrawing injured at 6-16.

    Vaughan said “It was a tough match and Koukal was playing very well. I strained a muscle in my leg in the first round and have been dealing with it match by match; the concrete floor has made this an impossible task. The leg was too tight to start and I was slow moving, my leg then seemed to warm up in the second, before straining more in the start of the third and I could hardly move by the end."

    European Badminton Championships
    Paris versus Seville was a repeat of last year’s final which saw Paris crowned European champions for the first time. However Seville had two new Malaysian additions, one of them World No12 Yeah Kay Bin, and another a national backup men’s doubles player.

    Seville raced off to a good start taking both doubles events, before yet again another good performance by Wales’s Richard Vaughan saw him comfortably beat Malaysian Yeah Kay Bin 21-15, 21-11.

    Our consultant Richard Vaughan, top player from Wales, takes a closer look at the way he gets prepared for an important match. Some of this advice could be very useful to any of us...

    "Lots of players always ask for tips and advice with regard to match preparation when travelling to a tournament both at home and abroad. They want to know when they should get there, how much they should train on the day of their match, etc. So this article sets out what my routine is in preparation for a tournament".

    World Badminotn Championships
    World No25 Richard Vaughan went out in the Last32 of the Proton World Championships Wednesday to World No11 Ronald Susilo.

    Vaughan beat French No1 Kehlhoffner in the earlier round, but today’s match Susilo rocketed off to a good start scoring from his big smash, leading 8-2. Vaughan then dug deep and tied the match at 10-10 before, before Susilo turned 11-10 up. The second half of the match was point for point with Susilo always having the point advantage closing it 21-18.

    US Badminton Open
    Wales’s Richard Vaughan won his quarter final match against World No9 Tien Minh Nguyen in a 70 minute 22-20, 8-21, 21-16 victory.

    Nguyen stormed off in the first set leading 11-3 and controlling the net with his pace, Vaughan then changed tactics in order to get control the game by patiently playing out the rallies and forcing mistakes from Nguyen taking the opening set 22-20. In the second set Nguyen once again shot off to a 8-0 lead, some very close line calls then saw Nguyen go in to the break 11-1 up, Nguyen continued to hold the lead taking the set 21-8. In the third Vaughan came out a lot faster and controlled the mid court turning 11-7 up, and continued the same domination in the second half of the set winning the key points and talking the match 21-16.

    Vaughan said “It was a great match to win especially as I had to continually fight back from behind.

    Nguyen has beaten players like Olympic Champion Taufik Hidayat and many others top names this year, and he seemed to be in good form here in the opening rounds. It was also difficult playing the crowd with a heavy large Vietnamese/US population, and I am sure it will be the same tomorrow with Lee from Malaysia. It’s a bit of a one man show at the moment,

    I am the player, coach, manger, and physio all wrapped in to one, it’s quite funny to be here with the other players who have everything supporting them. It adds to the challenge”

    Vaughan now faces World No.14 Lee Tseun Seng of Malaysia in the semi final, the winner of which would surely be favourite for the final with all the seeds falling in the top half of the draw. Today’s win will likely increase Vaughan's world ranking further, and a win tomorrow would be huge on the rankings and for Olympic qualification.

    US Badminton Open
    Seng from Malaysia. The match was a close affair throughout with the players point for point but it was Lee who won the crucial points. Lee went on to win the final against Japans Nakanishi 21-11 21-10.

    Vaughan said “ It was disappointing to lose after playing so well, I just made a few unforced errors which gave him easy points. I had to work hard for my points, and that made the difference. At 19-18 in the first I really thought I could come out on top. Although it’s disappointing, on the positive side Lee is playing really well as he showed destroying Nakanishi in the final and Sasaki in the quarter both of whom are playing well. Hopefully I can build on this in Canada, and Japan.”

    Next up is the Canadian Open in Saskatoon starting Wednesday. Another strong tournament with players from Europe, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia.

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