Richard Vaughan, one of the top players looks at the importance of basics to improve your game. Follow the advice of this specialist!

“One of the most important elements of a player's game is always having good ‘Basics’ which they can fall back on. Basic practices to groove and improve your shots as well as perfect footwork so that sharp, fast movements become automatic.

Its best to set a small period aside for this in everyday training. They are good exercises to make sure you're fully warmed up for more dynamic match type exercises and can have a big impact on your game in the longer term.

Concentrate on doing a few practices well. Possibly start with footwork type exercises, selecting two corners and moving between them between 8-12 times as sharply as possible, concentrating on fast movements from the base to put you a good position for the shot. It’s also essential to perfect the actual technique of the movements so that the two corners can be linked effortlessly.

Next a routine with the shuttle, again covering two selected corners, concentrating on the same movement aspects but with the shuttle involved. Having the shuttle involved increases the intensity of the exercise and you have to double your concentration levels in order to be in a good hitting position.

Additionally, think about your hitting technique so that you are maximising your height/reach taking the shuttle high/early. At the back of the court, be in position as easily as possible, turning your upper body to make all shots look the same before. For example, if moving between diagonal corners forehand rear, to backhand front court. Really focus on taking the shuttle early with maximum reach at the front; while at the back turning body and hitting a cross slice with a small sharp action.

Where possible, try to work in a pair with footwork, with one pointing as they rest, this will improve reaction times for the player working.

The aim should be to try to increase repetitions over a several-month period so that you’re able to handle this type of training for a 30 minute period, all the time concentrating on the highest quality in the actual exercises.”