Badminton Europe - Richard Vaughan
The Gibraltar Badminton Association as part of their development programme once again brought over an International Coach for a week of intensive Coaching. This time it was organised through Badminton Europe (BE) and the Confederation of Mediterranean Badminton (COMEBA). The Gibraltar Badminton Association has been a member of these two International Bodies as well as the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for many years with a view of developing badminton in Gibraltar. The Association had set three main areas of development for this training camp:

Course for coaches.
Training for junior squad
Training for senior squad.

The GBA through BE and COMEBA managed to acquire the services of a high profile player and coach in Richard Vaughan. Richard is currently Performance Director for the Catalan Badminton Federation and runs his own Richard Vaughan Badminton Academy (RVBA) which includes both Tim Stranks, and Sarah Thomas the British junior Quad singles Champions. As a player his career highlights include:

Former World ranking of No7

Last 16 Sydney 2000 & Athens 2004 Olympics

Commonwealth & European Games Medallist

14 International Titles.

The GBA like many other Associations lack enough volunteer coaches to coach badminton at grass root level to introduce badminton to young children. Therefore the week started with a Level 1 coaching course. This was undertaken by 8 GBA members and 4 employees from the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority.

Richard Vaughan then took the junior and senior squads through a total of seven 2 to 3 hours sessions of intensive training and coaching, covering all areas of badminton in Singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Some of the sessions saw some of the top juniors training with the senior squad to reap the benefits of these more intensive sessions. The top senior players who are preparing themselves for this year’s Island Games in Aaland and possibly a COMEBA tournament in Marrakech also experienced playing against Richard whose wealth of experience in the international arena is invaluable to the squad. The GBA National Coach Rob Brooks who was present in all sessions, was able to absorb the knowledge and professional expertise that Richard had to offer in order to further implement these training methods to his junior and senior squads.

Richard Vaughan commented “I have been really impressed with the local set up, everyone is very motivated and I hope that they all gained a lot from the week. It was nice to see that Gibraltar Badminton Association were well organised, motivated and only limited by the small population size. They are certainly maximising what they have and appreciate the COMEBA/BE support. Hopefully it will give some of the youngsters some motivation stay within the sport, and the coaches I worked with a larger toolset with which to work.”