Richard Vaughan and Sarah Thomas badminton club (Badminton Torrejon) beat six times Spanish champions Badminton Seville Rinconada 4-3 in a dramatic group match in Madrid this weekend.

The weekend got off to a bad start with cancelled flights out from the Uk and a last minute scramble to get a replacement flight in time for the match. It did not look good for the Badminton Torrejon as Richard and Sarah lost a close opening mixed against Indonesians Khosalida and Mesiy 21-15 17-21 17-21 which placed Badminton Rinconada in pole position.

The tide truned in the mens doubles with Vaughan and Llopis defeating Indonesians Khosalida and Kusuma 21-13 21-14. Badminton Torrejon took the first ladies singles and ladies doubles with Badminton Rinconada taking the 2nd ladies singles and 1st mens singles.

With the match tied on 3-3 Sergio Llopis claimed the win for Badminton Torrejon with a straight sets win over Velasquez.

A great win but Badminton Rinconada remain top of the league on points difference. The three matches in January will decide the final standings.